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Keep safe online,

Be CyberSMART…

Good Cyber Security starts at home – keep safe online.


At CSS  we believe in deciphering cyber for everyone.  Our business is to make cyber simple for business, but our experience has taught us that the most effective cyber security begins at home.


We are passionate about helping everyone stay safe online.


By following the CSS 5 step CyberSMART programme, you will learn the most important elements to help stay safe online and how to do it.


We gather all the really important and high value guidance from National and International cyber organisations and combined it with our own professional experience to provide you with the best advice all in one place.  Next, because no one likes hard stuff, we have made the information super simple and clear to follow so that even the most non-techie of us can understand it.


Nobody is ever totally cyber secure, but by following the CSS CyberSMART 5 simple steps you can be confident that you are doing the right things to keep safe online; be as secure as you can be; and be more cyber resilient than most.


Hackers seek easy targets.  If it is not easy, they tend to look elsewhere. The trick is to be harder to hack than the next person.


A wise man once said: if chased by a Lion, you only need to be faster than the person next you.


Don’t be a target, or a victim.  Keep safe online.


Be hard to hack!

Keep Your Safe Online - Be CyberSMART!




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