What is Cyber Security governance?

Simply, Cyber Security Governance is the way your business or organisation governs your Cyber Security.

Cyber security governance includes all the policy, processes and procedures that your business or organisation need and uses to ensure that your cyber security is effective and your business is resistance to cyber attack and cyber breach.

Why is Cyber Security Governance necessary and important?
Cyber security governance is the collective strategy to resist, respond to and recover from cyßber breaches. Cyber attacks and breaches can impact in myriad ways – learn more here. However, one impact is the loss of customer data and information. Not only will this significantly damage trust and reputation, the introduction of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation – read more here – and information breach fines can threaten a Businesses very existence. A coherent and robust Cyber Security Governance regime is the firat step in

How to manage Cyber Security Governance?
Henceforth, Cyber Security should be a planning consideration in everything you do. It must not be considered in isolation, or as an after-thought, but should be central to the design of any product or service. In this day and age, it is everyones’ business. From the CEO/Managing Director to the newly arrived apprentice. Just as you would not consider leaving your business premises unlocked and unsecured, the same diligence must be taken with your digital landscape – learn more about understanding your digital landscapes here.

Cyber Security and more specifically Information Security should be considered in everything you do and must be a component part of your wider governance regime.
you will only truly realise this after an event has happened.

Any new product, service, operation or employee brings additional vulnerabilities to your organisation.
Consider these examples:

For the different types of cyber attacks read here.

it should be a standing agenda point in every meeting from board level down.

What does Cyber Security governance include?

Who manages Cyber Security Governance.

In the context of your business or organisation this is entirely up to you; however, Chief Information Security Officers are an increasingly popular role being established. Learn more about the role of a Chief Information Security Officer and CISO as a Service opportunities here.